Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fan is one of the best way to help keep your home cool. Ceiling fan can also help you save on electricity bill by adjusting you thermostat higher and have you ceiling fan running you A/C unit will come's on less. Ceiling fan also make your home look more beautifully, you can chose the wright color ceiling to match your room color or your style. If you need to add a little more flavor or style to you home or business call Everton Electric and let us do the rest.

Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Have you ever lay in your bed at night with you ceiling fan running? and don’t feel like getting up to turn down or turn off the ceiling fan. ¬†Well you need a remote control ceiling fan Everton Electric can installed remote control ceiling fan for you or installed a remote control in the one that you may already have give Everton Electric at call today and let we do the rest.

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let us install your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are designed to evenly distribute air in a room, so the size of your room can dictate the size of the fan. In very large rooms, you may consider more than one fan. The larger the fan motor, the more expensive it may be. However, if you choose a smaller fan, or choose to use one fan rather than two in a very large room to save on costs, this might end up not giving you the fan power that you need. So weigh your costs against the functionality that you want before making a decision.