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Track & Accent Light

Ambience, aesthetic, beauty, security, and mood are all affected by how you light your home. Our home lighting design strikes the perfect balance between function, creativity, and ambiance. At Everton Electric we are always anticipating your present and future needs. Turn your house into a warm, inviting and luxurious home today. Quality custom home lighting design and installation creates the perfect atmosphere for every room in your home by accenting the architecture. Illuminating the path to your front door. Adding special fixtures, lanterns, and sconces setting the mood with dimmers,timers, and displaying your favorite art work. No matter what your custom lighting needs are. Everton Electric can help you visualize and execute your visions with the optimum results. Let us transform your home with a custom lighting plan today. From expert home lighting design installation, and maintenance, Everton Electric has all your specialty lighting needs covered.

How to Choose the Best Accent Lights

Selecting the right accenting fixtures for your home really depends on your design tastes and the layout of your different rooms. These accent light fixtures aim to appease any interior aesthetic, but you will need to determine the function of the fixture you need first. Is it for bright accenting light or general, ambient illumination in dim areas? Once you know the need for an accent light, you can refine your options by finish, color and other important design features like the ability to be dimmed (great for kitchen accent lighting). You’ll also need to check out the fixture’s sizing dimensions including its height, width, length (for under cabinet systems) and more. A thorough understanding of these dimensions will help you choose the best accent lights for your home. Lastly, since your objective is to highlight a particular area of a room, it’s important to review the brightness (typically expressed in lumens) of a fixture you are interested in. If you have any questions about the accent lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 5615316492

Where Accent Lights Work Best

It’s great to have a few accent lights as under cabinet lighting to shine light down on the counter for late night use. Bright kitchen counters lend themselves to appropriately following recipes, ensuring your kitchen concoctions are well-done and to just having clean countertops. Hutches also benefit from accent lights, allowing antiques, dishes and collectibles to be fully appreciated. Picture lights are an ideal choice for living rooms and hallways where you can put your favorite artwork on display. Don’t forget the media cabinet too–it’s so much easier to use your A/V equipment with a little bit of light to help. And add accenting light to your outdoors with the help of landscape lighting